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Diva’s Challenge #124: „We are Calgary“

This week’s challenge is all about showing sympathy and support for the victims of the flood in Calgary, India and everywhere else in th world by sending out positive energy and prayers during the process of creating a Zentangle or ZIA.

I think this is a wonderful idea because besides helping hands and money all those people need a lot of strength and courage to keep going in this difficult and devastating time.

I did two ZIAs, both of them contain Groovy by Eden Hunt. I chose this pattern because I thought that it symbolizes the water pretty good. The first one I call „Helping Hand“. The triangles in the second one are supposed to symbolize the solidarity of the people in need and the people who aren’t affected but offering help in every imaginable way.

Helping Hands



Diva’s Challenge #123

This week’s challenge was tough! I had to read the instructions a few times to understand what it’s all about but in the end I knew what was required. I wanted to sit down a few times these past days but life was getting in the way. ^^ Today we have sunshine and heat and it seems that everyone has something better to do than to go to the social office. So I sat in my office this morning and thought I could use the momentarily silence to do something useful and creative. After I thought I was finished I showed my tangle to Sissi ( and moaned that it’s quite difficult and so she gave me the perfect tip to really finish my tangle and thanks to her I can live with the result right now. *THANKS*

I still hope I did it right. If not I apologize in advance. ;o)


Diva’s Challenge #122

Neue Woche, neues Glück. Die neue Challenge ist „Grid unlocked“ und ich habe eine Weile gebraucht, um zu verstehen, worum es dabei geht. Als ich nun gestern Abend Zeit hatte mich daran zu versuchen, habe ich wirklich Spaß daran gefunden und es nicht bei einem Bild belassen. ^^ Ich bin mit beiden nicht 100%ig zufrieden, aber es hat Spaß gemacht und darauf kommt es schließlich an – nicht wahr!?

This week Diva’s challenge ( is to use „grid unlocked“. At first I wasn’t sure how to use it but yesterday evening I had some time to try it and I have to admit – it was really FUN. So I actually made two. ^^ I’m not satisfied 100% but it was fun trying out new patterns and so I’m happy with it.

That was my first try.


And here comes the second one.


Diva’s Challenge 121

Diese Woche bin ich früh dran! Endlich ein Beitrag für Diva’s Challenge (, der nicht in der letzten Minute entstanden ist. *gg* Ich bin sehr zufrieden damit, obwohl es eigentlich nicht meine Absicht war, das ganze so quadratisch zu gestalten. ^^

This week I finished my entry very early and not last minute. I’m very satisfied even though it wasn’t my intention to create something square. ^^

Birds on a wire 121

Diva Challenge #120 „Tangleation Nation; Bales“

Ich mag Bales sehr gerne, aber ich hatte so meine Schwierigkeiten mit der Challenge. Mein erster Versucht hat mir gar nicht zugesagt, also habe ich noch ein zweites gemalt, mit dem ich sehr viel zufriedener bin.

I like Bales very much but I had some problems getting the image in my head on paper. I didn’t like my first try at all so I made a second one. I’m much more satisfied with that.

Challenge 120 Bales