Diva’s Challenge #123

This week’s challenge was tough! I had to read the instructions a few times to understand what it’s all about but in the end I knew what was required. I wanted to sit down a few times these past days but life was getting in the way. ^^ Today we have sunshine and heat and it seems that everyone has something better to do than to go to the social office. So I sat in my office this morning and thought I could use the momentarily silence to do something useful and creative. After I thought I was finished I showed my tangle to Sissi (http://kritzeldreams.wordpress.com/) and moaned that it’s quite difficult and so she gave me the perfect tip to really finish my tangle and thanks to her I can live with the result right now. *THANKS*

I still hope I did it right. If not I apologize in advance. ;o)



14 Kommentare zu “Diva’s Challenge #123

  1. I think you got it just right! There are so many different answers to this challenge. I love the way you shade your tangles. Do you live in Germany? I was living in Bruehl many years ago in the early 80’s….near Schwetzigen and not far from Heidleburg. (US Army)

    • You’re right! I looked through the entries and there are so many great tangles. Amazing!

      I do live in Germany. I’m born in Hildesheim and I still live here. It’s in the north of Germany, about two hours away from Hamburg. How long did you live in Bruehl?

      Thank you!

      • I was there for about 2 1/2 years. We lived „on the economy“, which means we did not live in military housing! The Army base my ex-husband was stationed in is no longer in service, I believe. It was Coleman Barracks in Mannheim. We were there when the Chinook helicopter crashed onto the autobahn Sept 11, 1982. Hildesheim sounds familiar to me, but I don’t think we ever went that far north! Good to meet you!

      • I just tried to find something about it via google. It seems that the Barracks still exist but it’s planned to give them back to the German Federal Institute for realty (I don’t know if this is the correct name) sometime before 2015.

        Hildesheim is not THAT big and most people in Germany don’t even know it. Right now we have a little under 100.000 citizens but we’re proud to have two Unesco World Heritages. And lots of beautiful half-timber houses. Hildesheim is also known for it’s historical marketplace.


        But what am I writing!? Sometimes I git carried away, I’m sorry. ^^

        Nice to meet you, too!

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