Diva’s Challenge #125 – Birdie Feet

Oh dear…this one was a real challenge. I didn’t know what to do with this pattern and was absoluetely clueless how to incorperate it with other patterns. But while I had a few quiet minutes at work this past week I had an idea after seeing String 57 by Bambi Lint at http://www.tanglepatterns.com and drew a small draft. Sadly I didn’t manage to try it out until today but here it is. I listened to Sarah McLachlan’s „Angel“ repeatedly and sang along and I guess I was in a real zentangle mood then. ^^ It was absolutely calming and I can’t remember that I heard or sensed anything else while I was drawing.

Birdie Feet - #125

I’m satisfied with the result.


7 Kommentare zu “Diva’s Challenge #125 – Birdie Feet

    • Thank you. Birdie Feet was quite a challenge for me. You should see how my sketch looks! You can’t see that those little thingies are supposed to be Birdie Feet. So I really had to concentrate to get those three lines right. Haha!

      Wow. 65×50 cm is really big. Who is going to keep it?

      • At this point I have it here, glued on a door. Later on it will go to my friend, so on and on 🙂

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