Diva’s Challenge #126 „Stencil Fun“

This weeks challenge was to play with stencils or any kind of subject you could possibly use as a stencil. Sadly I have none so I thought about what I could use. Today I walked by the shot glasses in our living room shelf and spontaneously gave it a try. ^^ And then I got curious if there’s a shop nearby where I could buy stencils. I tried every shop I could think of in our city centre but sadly there were zero stencils. I guess it’s not that popular at the moment. ;o)

Challenge 126 Shot Glasses

A few weeks back a colleague asked me if I would do him a favour and create a greeting card for a wedding for him. I was quite surprised and honoured. No one ever asked me something like this before. I said I would think about it and sat down at home to collect some ideas. I wanted it to be something special of course and during my collecting time I thought about the meaning of this one special day – the wedding day. I searched for symbols which represent my point of view and found some flowers I really liked. Lilac for the bond of two hearts, chrysanthemum for stability, freesia for tenderness and sunflower for happiness and warmth. This is my result:



8 Kommentare zu “Diva’s Challenge #126 „Stencil Fun“

  1. Your challenge tile is great with very nice shading. Your card is really quite special. I love how the flowers are outside in the border and the little touch on the lower right corner. You should feel quite proud of yourself on this one.

    • Thank you!

      Actually I really am proud of my card. ^^ It was all my idea and I did it all by myself. I really like the meaning behind it and surprisingly I even like the result. 😀 Thanks again.

    • Thank you so much!

      It took quite some time before I started because I tried to collect as many ideas as possible. But I like the result and I am happy that my colleague likes it too! 😀

  2. That’s really awesome!!!

    I like the patterns in the challenge tile and I really love the ribbon in the card though I think I love the heart with the rings more. That was a very good idea!

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