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Diva’s Challenge #132 „Non-Domonotangle“

When I read that this weeks challenge was to create a Monotangle with Bales with my non-dominant hand I thought „GEEZ…how can anyone recognize that it’s supposed to be Bales?“. But I wanted to give it a try. And guess what! I was surprised myself how good it turned out. I decided to use a larger and a smaller version to see how I could manage to draw bold and thin lines with my left hand. I’m quite satisfied and maybe I try that again once in a while. ^^

Challenge #132


Diva’s Challenge #131 – Monotangle „Dex“

I really had a hard time to do this tangle. I think it’s lifeless and too angular. So the fact that it’s a monotangle challenge this week didn’t make it any easier. I tried but I’m not too happy with the result. And I cheated a little bit because I used a stencil my mum lent me. *sigh* I just couldn’t come up with an idea to make it more interesting than using the stencil to change the frame into ovals.

This is the stencil.

Stencil Challenge #131

And here’s the result on light colored paper.

Challenge #131 - Dex

I wanted to share some other thing I tried with you though.

A colleague of mine is celebrating her 50th birthday next week. So some other colleagues asked me if I would try to make a card for her. This is what I came up with. I printed the shape of the mandala (found it on The Bright Owl’s blog) and just filled it. But I’m very happy with the card.

50th birthday

When I tried to learn more about Zentangle and the patterns I saw a pendant someone made and I totally fell in love with it. I searched for the right materials and waited quite some time before I ordered it. But two weeks back I finally did it and I love the outcome. I really can’t remember where I saw the pendant in the first place so please note that it’s not my idea.


And last but not least my snow globe. My mum gave it to me as a present, saying that I could change the picture in the middle with something selfmade. Yesterday I had the time and so I sat down at my tangle desk to try it. On Friday my boyfriend sacrificed his freetime to help me organize my workroom so we put my computer on a really small side table to use all the space on my desk to tangle away. And I’m so happy with it! 😀

My favorite side (there are hearts in it and no snow but it’s called a snowglobe anyway, isn’t it?).

Snowglobe Front

And the back.

Snowglobe Back

What do you think?

Diva’s Challenge #130

I’m quite late this week and I have to admit that I’m glad the week’s finally over. It was a hell of a week workwise and I hope that the next week will be more quiet so that I can smoothly slide into my two week holiday. *yay*

When I started my picture I had something totally different in mind. I’m not really satisfied how the ZIA turned out but well…it distracted me and it was fun to try Henna Drum. ;o)

Challenge #130 Henna Drum