Diva’s Challenge #132 „Non-Domonotangle“

When I read that this weeks challenge was to create a Monotangle with Bales with my non-dominant hand I thought „GEEZ…how can anyone recognize that it’s supposed to be Bales?“. But I wanted to give it a try. And guess what! I was surprised myself how good it turned out. I decided to use a larger and a smaller version to see how I could manage to draw bold and thin lines with my left hand. I’m quite satisfied and maybe I try that again once in a while. ^^

Challenge #132


11 Kommentare zu “Diva’s Challenge #132 „Non-Domonotangle“

    • First of all: I love your colorful blog. 😀

      I think your tile looks great. Love the idea to incorporate the „bales“ lettering. And you don’t have to hide your non-dominant hand! To me it looks VERY steady.

      Thank you!

    • Thank you so much. 😀

      I just went to take a look at your tile and I think it looks great. I love the incorporated heart in the middle and the fact that you tried so many different versions of bales. No 3rd grader could have done that. ;o)

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