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Diva’s Challenge #136 – Colour Colour Everywhere

This week was tough. My Dad got diagnosed with a tumor in his lung and even though we’re waiting for an answer by the insurance company for a special test to find out if there are more tumors in his body…I have problems to cope with it. He’s actually feeling okay but I just couldn’t find a way to wrap my head around it. Most time of the day I’m okay and then out of the blue I’m just not. Maybe that’s part of the reason why I had problems to do the challenge. I tried a few different things and I like woking with soft colours and patterns…I prepared two postcard sized cards and painted them with China ink (?). I let them dry until today because I didn’t have the urge to draw those last few days. I’m okay with the result but I think it would have been better to work with if I had some watercolor pencils. The China ink is probably too wet and so the shading didn’t work so well.

Colour Colour Everywhere