Diva’s Challenge #150 „One Little Word“

Hey there!

I’m trying to participate weekly again. So far so good. ^^ But before I’m telling you about finding my word I wanna say thank you for all your couraging words during my last posts concerning my dad’s health. It really meant a lot! My dad is doing okay so far. He had his surgery and he was very weak for weeks. The docs cut out one of his pulmonary lobes and further tests said that it was a malignant tumor. So he needed chemo therapy. He already had a few appointments and they are very exhausting for him. One treatment always contains two appointments where he gets infusions, one with 6 hours and one with 2 hours. BUT even though he feels weak and sick sometimes he’s not as sick and bothered with side effects as we feared he might be. He’s not losing his hair (he was afraid that he’s losing his beard) and he’s able to eat properly most of the time. He lost about 30 kg until now so his overweight is disappearing more and more and regardless of the illness he looks pretty good. We’re so relieved! We had a nice Christmas at our place and my dad was so happy that I made his cutlet with LOADS of onions. ^^ We played some games and exchanged presents and I drove them home around 9.30 p.m.

We also celebrated New Year’s Eve with them. My mum made a yummy raclette and I prepared some presents for a very funny Bingo game. So fun!

But now back to the challenge. 😀 I read all the words in Ali Edwards post and I wanted to go with appreciate. I felt though that there were more words that I could use so I wrote them all down and had 9 in the end. I made 9 pieces of paper, wrote one word on each piece and put them all face down on my desk. I let my left hand float above the pieces (maybe some of you know this method for drawing tarot cards) to see which one would draw my attention the most and ended up with two. When I turned them over I had to laugh really hard. I’m working on myself for a few years now – sometimes more, sometimes less and sometimes it’s easier and sometimes it’s really hard. But no matter what I do and what I try I always end up with the same or similar topic: myself, my well being, my self confidence. So which word did I draw? SELF and the second one was BEGIN. These two words belong together in my opinion so I will keep them both in mind. But for the challenge I decided to go with SELF.

Challenge # 150 One Little Word


13 Kommentare zu “Diva’s Challenge #150 „One Little Word“

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your dad’s health struggles. I will include him and your family in my prayers tonight. I hope things are still going well. And I’m glad you got to spend time together over the holidays.

    I love your word choice. It sure can be tough to spend the time necessary on ourselves. It’s easy to lose ourselves taking care of others. I hope it turn out to be a wonderful year for you full of growth.

    Your piece is beautiful. I love the shadow of the tangle that looks kind of like a fence. It has such dimension. Thanks for sharing. Since I’m still so new to Zentangle, it really helps me to see others‘ work.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I do plan to put the colored tangle up when I’m done. I did a test watercolor of a smaller version today just to try a few things out. It shouldn’t be long.

    • That’s so sweet of you, thank you so much!

      Thank you so much for your kind words and your compliments! I saw this kind of shading in someone’s blog and thought that it’s a great idea. Sadly I can’t remember where I saw it.

      I’m sure you’ll find a lot of inspirations on Laura’s blog. There are so many great artists out there. If you don’t already know it take a look at tanglepatterns.com – it’s paradise!

      I’m curious! It already looks amazing in black and white. 😀

      Thanks for your comment and have fun „snooping“ around and exploring this amazing artform.

  2. Very lovely work and a super depth to your tangles. I do hope your father’s health improves – I am always grateful when my family has good health. Wishing you all the best,

  3. Like Danni sais, the pen with Knightsbride is fantastic. Very creative. I’m so glad your dad is so much better now, hope this will continue until he is totally recovered.

    • I’m not really sure what you mean with pen?

      Thank you. The docs said that the chemo therapy is some kind of precaution. They assume that they cut everything out and just want to be sure that they kill all cells that might be somewhere else in his body.

  4. Great words. We really must learn to take care of ourselves even when we are helping/thinking of others. I will be thinking of you and your dad. As for the tile, I really love the shadow that makes the Floorz look so dimensional. And, the pencil is brilliant!

    • That’s true. But it’s a hard and long process when you’re not used to it.

      Thank you so much. Your kind words mean a lot to me. 🙂 But I have to ask you too: what pencil? ^^

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