Archiv | Februar 2014

Diva’s Challenge #153: UMT v.24 „Jailed Johnny – by Sadelle Wiltshire, CZT“

What a week! Work is beyond crazy and after I tried this weeks challenge I think it shows in my drawing. The pattern looks fun but I think it needs to be placed and executed very well to develop it’s charm. I don’t like mine at all but it doesn’t stop me to upload it anyway. ^^

It distracted me from work during my lunch break and I feel pretty good about that.

Challenge #153 - Jailed Johnny


Diva’s Challenge #152 – Aquafleur

Wow – better late than never, huh!? And geez…I had my problems with this one. I guess Aquafleur is one of those pattens I need to practice. BUT I’m okay with my result. Whooooohoooo.

Challenge #152 - Aquafleur

Have a great week!