Diva‘ Challenge #214 : „Amanda Day/Earth Day (Round 4!)“

There are so many possibilities with this challenge and yet I didn’t know what I should do. I asked my best friend because sometimes talking about a topic triggers ideas and she immediately said „a tree“. I’d love to but I absoluteley can’t draw trees. So I searched for a tutorial and found an amazingly easy one on YouTube. So I thought. I tried to draw while the nice girl was talking and explaining what she was doing and why she was doing it this or that way. I compared my tree with hers and ended up doing the neat and clean version of the rough sketch I drew at work earlier yesterday. *cough*

I wanted my tile to represent the earth and the four elements. I’m okay with the result but I think the separation line between the elements is too straight. It should be more…“alive“. Maybe a string inside the circle would have done the trick.



9 Kommentare zu “Diva‘ Challenge #214 : „Amanda Day/Earth Day (Round 4!)“

  1. I like your zendala a lot but I can see what you mean with the separation lines. Maybe a bit more ‚wavy‘ next time? However, this zendala is still great!

    • Yeah, that’s exactly what I mean! ^^ It looks stiff and the separation between the elements is too hard. A little softer and maybe entangled would be better, I think.

      Thanks for your comment. 😀

  2. It seems like all artwork has a starting point…where you continue working and embellishing etc. It’s probably why so many of the masters loved working with oil paint, because you can blank out what you didn’t like and continue to work the paint. A lot of them painted on top of already detailed paintings they had done and didn’t like. Zentangle is done with pens and you are pretty committed to what you’ve drawn. But I like the fact that it hasn’t taken much of my time and I can toss a small piece of paper much more easily into the trash bin than I can a canvas I am working on. So I always practice a bit and then draw and things evolve and if they don’t end up like I wanted them to I haven’t invested much in the materials and I can use that experience to do it different on the next piece. Sounds like you all ready have an idea for the next one. But if you hadn’t said anything I wouldn’t have known your expectations, and my first impression was WOW what a great take on this week’s challenge. Really nice work!

    • I did a rough sketch before I did the real one and I guess it was a „mistake“ to just do it all over with Sakura’s instead of being creative and let it happen. ^^ Usually I don’t throw any tiles into the trash. If I made a mistake I try to incorperate it into the tile. Sometimes that doesn’t work though. LOL.

      I’m not sure if I’ll do a second one but we’ll see.

      Thank you so much for your kind words and the time you took to write your comment.

  3. Where is this tree??? *grin*
    I have the same problems with trees like you and I watched a Video on youtube last year in which everything looked so easy and then I took my pen in hand and… it looked like the tree died a tragic death a long time ago *lol*
    I like your tile and I’m happy that you seem to feel better so you join the fun again!
    As for the sepraration line: Maybe it would be something different if the picture wouldn’t be so evenly? Maybe five sections instead of four? (Five continents?) That would ease things up.
    But still: I like it like it is!

    • Yeah..this is what my tree looked like too. ^^

      I guess it’s something you have to practice. Because the girl in the video did the tree in about 10 minutes and it looked super cool.

      Maybe 5 sections would to the trick. But I still think it should have been a wavey line. But like you I like the result. By the way – this was my first Earth Day too. *LOL*

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