Archiv | Mai 2015

Diva’s Challenge #219: „Straight Lines all the Tines…er, times“

Yesterday I had some unexpected waiting time. I didn’t have any Sakura pens or quality paper at hand so I used a very thin sheet of my notepad at work and one of the black pens I use to label my file covers. I did the finishing touches like shading and using the white gelly roll pen later at home though.

I wanted to create some kind of straight Bales and did squares instead black pearls floating above it. I think it turned out funny but it’s definitely not one of my favorite works. ^^



Diva’s Challenge #218: „White on Black on Found“

I like this weeks challenge even though I’m not a big fan of black tiles. I like the look but it’s not easy creating it. I’m not very good with the Sakura Gelly Pen and I’m even worse when it comes to a white chalk pencil. Yesterday evening I had an idea though. I cheated a little bit but I totally love the result. ^^


For Mother’s Day I made a little tote bag for my mum. It turned out okay for the first try but I was a little upset with myself that I didn’t think about buying a grey pen to create some shading. So I decided to make a tote bag for myself too and this time I bought liquid black and white color. I did 80 % of the bag with the liquid colors and a brush instead of the black pen and I can tell you that it was a lot of work. I like how it turned out though – even with some shaky lines.