Creative Workshop

A huge table. Six people. One goal. *LOL*
In 2013 my boyfriend, my mum, a dear friend of mine and myself drove to the Netherlands to attend a Zentangle Workshop. There was no CZT in Germany at that time so I contacted Maria Vennekens in Venray. I didn’t know what to expect of such a Workshop but it was so much fun to sit together and create something. Spending time together, talking, learning something new…it was an amazing experience because I always assumed that being creative is something you do on your own.
Of course I am no teacher whatsoever so I wanted to invite some people just for a creative get-together. And guess what!? It worked. *yihaw* It’s not easy to find the right date for so many people though, I can tell you! ^^ It took a few attempts but last Saturday we finally met and I can tell you that this was one of THE most amazing days EVER.
There was Kerstin – a dear (online) friend I’ve known for…I have no clue how many years…we lost contact for some time, found each other again and since she has some really cool creative skills there was no doubt for me that she should be part of this day. Kerstin already arrived on Friday so we had some time to catch up and relax in a thermal spring.
My mum was the first one to arrive on Saturday. She lives just around the corner so there was no problem for her to get to our apartment at all. ^^ She was concerned though that she might be unwanted by my friends. Very cute. My mum was the oldest in our group but the one with the most creative experience I think (since she nearly tried every creative possibility there is out there ^^).
I also invited Annette ( We „met“ a year ago via Laura Harms weekly Zentangle challenge and only had contact through emails and massages in our blogs. I admired her work from the beginning (and even more now since I’ve seen some more of her beautiful artworks) and since we talked about not living too far apart from each other I wanted her to be at my „event“. I guess the first one or two minutes were a little awkward because we’ve never met before but somehow we all had some kind of connection and welcomed each other as new friends.
Jana and Saskia were the last ones to arrive to the party. *giggles* I have no clue how long we know each other but since Jana creates the most stunning Mandalas (and stickers and watercolor pictures and doodles) it was absolutely not an option not to invite her. When i invited them Saskia immediately told me that she would just accompany Jana but we all witnessed that she’s creative too. She just won’t believe it yet. ;o)
To open up the event I made a little paper bag for everyone. It contained some paper in different sizes and a white gel pen.


I thought about some kind of agenda for the day but in the end I’m glad I didn’t plan a challenge or anything like this because after we were done with admiring the artworks everyone brought along everyone decided what they wanted to do and we had amazing results.
We had a little break for coffee and cake around 1.30 p.m. We talked about different topics, we had a lot of fun but we also had some quiet times where the only thing you could hear was the pen scraping over the paper. I looked around during one of those periods and it was so cool to see how focused and relaxed everyone was. There was no jealousy, no looking around what the neighbor was doing, everyone was focused on their own art. We all got some help from Annette at some point because she’s the most advanced and experienced Tangler among our group and for me this was very precious advice.
I planned dinner for us around 5 p.m because I knew that Annette, Jana and Sas all had a two hour drive back home and I didn’t want them to drive home hungry so while I prepared the dinner the ladies cleared the table and afterwards we admired our work and talked about the good time we had.
It’s amazing how creating art brings people together. I enjoyed this very much and I truly hope that we can repeat this. Hopefull with one member more. ;o)
But now back to the reason why you probably read this whole entry – the artworks that emerged on Saturday.
Jana’s Mandala:


My Mum’s Zendala:


Unbelieveable that my Mum alsways complains about not being good at Zentangle right?!
Kerstin’s Zendala and her tiles from later in the evening:




Annette’s Zendala:

Zendala Blues #3_LonettA

And last but not least my Zendala and my tiles from later in the evening (I did some tangle-ing with Kerstin after everyone was already gone):





2 Kommentare zu “Creative Workshop

  1. Oh, everything is so awesome!
    Ich mag Annettes Sachen sowieso. Sie hat auf ihrem Blog irgendwann mal verraten, wie sie Tiles einfärbt und ich wollte das immer schon mal ausprobieren, aber irgendwie komm ich nicht dazu.
    Aber Eure anderen Sachen sind auch so klasse!
    Ihr hattet bestimmt ganz viel Spaß – und eine Menge zu Quatschen 😉

  2. Es war ein wunderbarer Tag und ich bin glücklich, deine Einladung angenommen zu haben. Es war einfach schön, in Gesellschaft mit so lieben Menschen gemeinsam zu zeichnen und ich bin so dankbar für diese Erfahrung. Nochmals, ganz herzlichen Dank für alles, liebe Beate!
    Liebe Grüße,

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